Self Moving

Self moving is hard work and time consuming but it will save you money.

The following are some professional moving company guidelines to follow that will make your self moving much easier.


Major Steps

Before beginning the moving process, you should ask yourself some questions and take into consideration every aspect of the moving process.

Inventory Every Room

Make a detailed list of every item in each room. This will help you decide what the overall size of your move will be and will also help you in organizing the next steps of the moving process.

Also, make and keep yourself a moving checklist to keep track with everything you need to do.

Unused Items

As you inventory each room if you find things you have not been using and probably will not use, sell them or donate them.

Moving Supplies

More than likely you will need to purchase some moving supplies like packing tape, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and also buy packing boxes. It would probably be a good idea for you to purchase labels for your boxes. Purchasing professional packing materials will save you money in the long run.

Renting Moving Equipment

You are going to need the proper equipment to load your possessions onto the truck. You will need things like a utility dolly, furniture dolly, and appliance dolly, and also some moving pads and straps.

If your goal to be the one driving the truck, you’re going to need towing equipment  for your car. For this, you could rent a car carrier or a car dolly.

Get Some Help

If you want to be self moving you are going to need some manpower. Ask your friends and family in advance for help.

Self Moving Containers

You should consider renting a moving container or a moving pod for your move. By renting a moving container, all you will have to do is pack and load your things into the container.

Moving By Truck

After you have decided exactly what you will be moving then you can decide what size rental moving truck you will need. It would be a good idea if you choose to rent a moving truck, company close by your old residence.

Hiring Help

If you have an overabundance of furniture to be moved, you should seriously consider hiring moving help.


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