An Office Move

This article will let you know about important key areas that need to be covered and included in your office move checklist.


Commercial Real Estate

Your office move plan should begin with this. First time move coordinators frequently overlook many of the considerations when dealing with commercial real estate. First, consider your current commercial office space and think about what can be improved, could you get a less expensive lease and also will a different location put you closer to your prospective clients and cut down on employee commute time. You’ll also need to figure out if you’re going to need more space in your new office.

After you have considered all your options and have narrowed down all of yld Outour commercial real estate needs, you will then be ready to start checking out new facilities for lease and from there. Narrow down your search until you find the right space to lease.

Your Office Design

After you have found the office space to lease that is right for you, your office design will be one of the most important aspects of your office move.

Modern office design does make it possible for you to boost the productivity of your business while cutting down on overhead costs.

At this stage, it might be a good idea for you to find an expert architect with proven experience in office design to work with you and make your office design needs come to life in your new office space.

An expert architect can recommend interior designers, contractors, along with other office move experts that might be needed for your assigned projects.

Construction And Build Out

There’s a good chance that a wall or two may require being taken out in your view office once you have finalized the design. You will be needing a number of contractors for this and a good architect can recommend contractors that they trust and have previously worked with. Before hiring any of those contractors, you should sit down with each contractor individually along with your architect and work out a realistic construction timetable to eliminate any possible future delays caused by miscommunication or mismanagement. Having this conversation with the contractors and architect can also help you be sure that the contractors have the resources and the budget they need to complete the work on time.

IT Network And Relocation

Transferring your IT Network to your new office space more than likely will be the most difficult part of your office move checklist. You will need to hire an IT relocation expert to transfer your servers and your data on them to your new office location. Data recovery many times can fail and this can badly delay your move in date. If you have the right IT relocation expert along with plenty of time for planning a successful IT relocation strategy, your business data will be transferred safely and without incident.

Updated: 1st February 2016 — 2:58 pm

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